Chicken Tenders in the air fryer vs stovetop

August 14, 2019

My kids love chicken, it is the meat of choice around our house. For many years I have fried the chicken tenders in oil on the stovetop(be careful with this method) but lately, I have been breading them and using the air fryer I got for Christmas. Does everyone else just love their air fryer? I sure love mine. No more smell of oil cooking in my house and the time standing over the stove watching the oil like a hawk. The kids can use it if they need a snack(chicken nuggets or popcorn shrimp without me being here to supervise. It's been our most used kitchen appliance lately. 

I have used House Autry products as long as I can remember and they have always been the best.

I start with a pack of chicken tenders and follow my Moms recipe(it's in my head)

Sometimes I drench my chicken in buttermilk first but, I was out so I just used milk.

Set up like a little assembly line of milk, breading mix and the basket for your air fryer. I only put about 3 or 4 tenders in my air fryer at a time. Follow the temps for your fryer recommends as each one is different.

Read here when I posted about getting my air fryer and these wings I made.

My kids have a serious Ranch dressing addiction. 

Everything gets dunked.

I like making chicken tenders in the air fryer better because, the breading makes this nice crispy outside(just like oil with the mess)
It takes less time than using the stove and it is a healthier option.

What have you made in the air fryer that has changed how you cook? 

Did you used to make one thing using the oven or stovetop and have now changed to the air fryer?

Tell us about it in the comments below.

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