Gallery Wall and Guest Bath Refresh

December 28, 2023

My mind has been on gallery walls lately and if you know me once something is on my brain, well it pretty much stays there until it is reality. I hopped over to Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas. Wow! I am impressed by some of the gallery walls that are out there. Here are just a few that I loved.

House and Home

Gallery Wall
House of Hawthornes

I am loving the birds on this gallery wall.But, I think I am going for a french country inspired floral look.

I want a collected look with a touch of whimsy.

I shopped my house for floral pictures, scoured thrift stores and antique malls to achieve the look I wanted. 

You can plan a gallery wall by measuring out each picture and having a detailed plan of how things are going to go on the wall. I did not do that, I just started nailing an voila, I am in love.

Along with gallery walls I have been seeing arches and they really make me smile. I want arched door ways so badly, they are beautiful and timeless and would totally look stunning in my house. 

I wanted an arch on the wall so, like I do a lot of things in life, I just wing it and grabbed my pencil and some string and drew on the wall. I painted it the color as the vanity, that I had recently painted and it is so cute. In the future I may cut out flowers to cover the outside of the arch, but for now I am just enjoying it as is.

This is the vanity before I painted it. You can see the gallery wall peaking in the background.

This is the view from our foyer. I love the moody vibe it is giving!
I put a lamp in here and never turn on the overhead light. I am not a fan of over bright lights and the lamp just gives it a calmness.

I only bought three new pictures for this wall. I have some other little things to add to fill in the space but, I am loving it so far.

Here is my version of an arch, I just think it needs something! 
But, until what that something is, it will be fine just being a plan arch. 

Until next time! 



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