Cleaning Wood Furniture

September 11, 2019

Many years ago Sonny & I gifted ourselves a very nice Adirondack furniture set for the fire pit area of our yard. The furniture was made by an older gentleman in our community and it is sturdy and very well built. 

When Sonny put this furniture around our fire pit, he put the legs on small path stones and that has preserved the legs and the entire set for about 20 years now.

After sitting thru rain, winter and the blazing hot sun it became a bit gross looking though. I knew it was time for a good cleaning and restaining.

With Fall on the way I wanted to get this project off my to do list so, here is how it went.

Adirondack Chair before cleaning

It all started with my new Greenworks Electric Pressure washer(love it) and trust me nothing is safe when I have this baby in my hands.

It was on sale at Lowe's Hardware for about $159 and it is much easier to use than the gas types.

It comes with easy change tips for different jobs which makes this pressure washer very versatile.

This is what my Adirondack furniture looked like before the cleaning. I could not remember the last time this furniture had been clean.

Rust-Oleum Deck & Patio Cleaner

I got this Rust-Oleum Deck & Patio from Lowe's Hardware.

The instructions say mix and spray and leave on for about 10 mins which I am sure works better if your
 furniture doesn't look as bad as mine.

I used a scrubbing brush and then rinsed with the car was tip of my pressure washer. 

Wood Swing before cleaning

The swingset was just as disgusting

Wood Chair after cleaning

Here is the chair after cleaning, it is still a little wet but, 
I am going to let all the furniture dry before giving all of it stain protection.

Swing after cleaning

Much better after a good bath.

How adorable it will be all fresh and clean with some cute Fall pillows and a fire going this Fall.

Me being a literal "Hot Mess"

Hey it's me and let me tell you I was hot, dirty and wet and this was taken early and in the shade.

Cleaning furniture is no joke girls but, 
but now it all looks so much better.

I think Sonny would be proud of how this turned out, we always enjoyed building a fire and having a cold beer or 12.
 I even found a Coors Light(Sonny's fav beer) can in the ashes of the firepit and it made me think of him. 

Now I just need to give it a few coats of stain and it will be beautiful for many more years.

Falls Coming,

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