Loving my new air fryer.

January 20, 2019

Hi! For Christmas this year I asked my kids for an air fryer. 

Well, they gifted me one, and I love it.
 I have been playing around with it to learn how it works. I started off making things like frozen french fries and they were delicious in no time. 

I have tried wings and I like mine crispy and they came out of the air fryer perfect. 

Here is the neatest thing I have found, you can heat up things like chicken tenders and fries when you take out from a restaurant(don't judge me)

Just dump all of it in the air fryer for just a few minutes and they are hot and crispy again.

The really great part of the air fryer is safety. I have used the old frying pan and hot oil method for many years and I hated the smell and the fear of catching fire. 
My kids can throw something in the air fryer and make a snack or food, if I am not available too.

I gave my wings some Mrs. Dash and garlic and tossed before putting in the fryer. About 26 minutes and they were beautiful.

Ranch or Blue Cheese? What is your choice of dipping sauce?  

I dip in both it just depends on my mood.

Do you have an air fryer and what are you making in yours? 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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