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 Welcome to Grace and Gravel! This is my way to share my journey and love of food, travel, and life (DIY, family, ramblings) with this big world.

Grab some coffee and let's be friends.

I was born in and still live in the small town of Mooresville, NC

This is our town as the sun sets on another gorgeous day.

My family lives in the small town of Mooresville, NC about 30 mins north of Charlotte with our cat(kitty) and Prince(Black Kitten) who we adopted from a shelter. I have 3 kids who are growing too fast. Geri is 32, Austin is 21 and Ella is 14. What the what, how did that happen.... shockers but, I blinked and they grew up. Our family is very active and constantly on the go.

Austin and I at his High School Graduation

 Austin & I at his High School Graduation in 2017

My day gig is being a Middle School lunch lady and I have been having a blast doing that every school year for many years. 

Homemade Bruschetta

I really enjoy cooking and making delicious meals for my family and friends. I have a Foodie Friday series, where I like to feature some of my favorite restaurants, chefs or other foodies who are killing it in the food world.

Austin, Ella, and Geri in the Bahamas

I am in love with mother nature. 

I also love a good brewery, food, and wine. 
The balance is a struggle.

Grace and Gravel has given me many wonderful opportunities such as meeting President Obama at a town Hall Meeting read more about that HERE Or, HERE I show you how to convert a cargo trailer into a camper(Bessie) is her name. 

Our Cat Kitty-She is kinda spoiled


So, please stay awhile and have a look around. You got questions? 
Ask away I would love to chat. 

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