Motivational Monday- a 15 minute morning yoga routine

August 12, 2019

Happy Motivational Monday!

I am back and getting set in a routine with school and work back in full swing. Different studies have different results but, most say 66 days until something becomes habit. 

Do whatever that one thing is that you have been avoiding for 66 days and it will now be a habit and muscle memory will take over from there. The best way to get to those 66 days were a new thing becomes a habit is to just start.

I am trying to add a new routine to my day, since my days can be long it made sense for me to try a yoga routine in the morning.
 I have been on a night routine for about 6 months and I have noticed the difference.

I found this yoga instructor here and she gives easy yoga instruction from basic to advanced.

She covers other things that go along with yoga, like gratitude and balance.


So take the time and turn that "thing" into a habit.

Maybe you want to start walking, yoga, meditating, saving money, journaling if you start now you can be well on your way in a few months.

Each journey starts with the first step.

Happy Motivational Monday,

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