Setting Goals for a Happier You in 2022

January 1, 2022

New Years resolutions are a scam. I know, you start with these lofty plans to diet, excercise, save money, or whatever and then 2 weeks in, you are tired and defeated. This is because it is not really a goal that means something to you. Goals need to have a very direct purpose in your life or it just isn't happening. 

What works for others does not work for everyone.
 Make your goal yours! 
Focus on making your life better, and I promise that will be motivation enough to achieve so many more great things.

I love mornings, I like to get up before everyone else, and just be alone in the silence. I can get kinda cranky, if I miss this step. 
But, luckily for people in my life, I rarely mess with my morning routine. It is for everyones safety.

Some options to create a positive mental space in the morning include:

Set Goals- Baby steps to just get through the day. Maybe 3 things you would like to achieve today. These could be something as simple as laundry, dinner or wash your car. These are your goals, own them.

Make a list- If it is not written down it doesn't happen. I love my planner and it is never far from my reach. I have lists for groceries, personal, future, blog, ideas. List keeps my mind at ease,Well, at least a little.

Plan- Having a plan of the weeks/months activities, appointments and personal time gives you structure. Without a plan or any direction you just go through the motions and really have no idea how you got to a place, that you do not like. It is your life, start acting like it. You rub your life, don't let it run you.

  • If you thrive from positive energy, make sure whatever you do gives you that burst of psoitivity.
  • Someone who needs to have a plan, try planning your day and you will soon feel much happier.
  • Someone who needs to exert yourself, go for that morning walk or run.
  • Someone who needs to think, find time for reading, and journaling.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Give this new way of life a test drive and figure out what works for you and what doesn't. You can go from there and you will be in control of your life, your goals and will have a much better year.

What are your goals for the New Year?
Drop a comment and let me know.

My goal is to be more present in the plans that I have for my life.

Cheers to 2022!


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