6 Easy Blackstone Recipes

December 29, 2021

Y'all understand how much I love cooking, and I got my Christmas wish, a Blackstone Griddle and I am beyond excited. 
Do you have one? Lets talk about all things Blackstone. 
I have watched way more than my share of YouTube videos about it. 
I am looking forward to cooking all kinds of goodies.
The day after I got my griddle, I made bacon, eggs and biscuits for breakfast and it was easy and delicious. Then I made Quesadillas for lunch and Austin made burgers for dinner.
I think we are going to get great use out of it.
Here are a few things my family is looking forward to enjoying.

Smashed Potatoes(Delicious by the way)

Stayed tuned for all of our cooking adventures!

What is your favorite thing to cook on the Blackstone?



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