Care for the Caregiver

January 10, 2022

 Hello! For those of you have been around for sometime now, you know that I cherish my Moms memory and miss her everyday. 
During the time that I was my Moms caregiver I didn't blog about it at any length, and rarely shared my journey but,  I should have.
 It was beyond stressful and took a toll on my life, emotions and my overall well being. 

Sadly, I say all that to say this. My Dad Pete, is not doing well and I have recently started on my journey of being his caregiver along with some other family members. I know it is our job to care for our parents as they cared for us but, my Dad has been the toughest bad ass my whole life. Now he needs help in ways that are hard for me to understand. 

My Dad is an amazing Dad and even though he drove a truck and was on the road all the time, he still made time for me and my two brothers. We had an amazing childhood. Here are just some of the things my Dad taught me. How to play poker, how to read a road map, how to change the oil in my car, how to drive a stick shift, how to ride a motorcycle, how to make pickled eggs, how to cook perfect rice, and how to siphon gas just to name a few. I was raised with boys and it shows, I am not that girly girl that likes nail polish and trips to the mall. Give me the outdoors and an adventure and I am a happy girl.

I am going to try and embrace this very precious time that I have with my Dad, and not lose my own mind.  

Knowledge is power, and I need all the help I can get on handling this stage of life with Grace.

Here are some ways on handling the role of caregiver 

* Take care of yourself. Don't neglect doctors visits and tap into support groups. Schedule dinner with your friends it will give you something to look forward to.  

* Identify what caregiving resources are available in your area. Meals-on-Wheels, adult day care, and assisted living communities that offer respite care allow caregivers to take a much needed break.

* Have a plan in place. Don't wait until a crisis strikes to have the conversation with your parent. Identify what circumstances might lead to considering long-term care option for your parent and involve them in the process.

* Get out of the house and take in some fresh air. Just the change in scenery is enough to brighten your spirits.

*Be patient in your new role. People are set in their way and change is not easy for them.

*Ask for help at anytime. Get other family members or friends to stop by and offer some support.

I hope in some small way this information helps you too!

Until next time,

Keep loving each other,


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