Final Coffee & Conversations of 2021

December 29, 2021

 Well, it's almost a New Year! 
2022 is fast approaching. I am not one for making resolutions, I am more of a goal setter. But, honestly, I have really been slack about setting goals, you know how life just happens and sometimes you are just along for the ride. 
Yeah, that's how I have felt lately. My goal for 2022 is to be more present and not just go through the motion of day to day, month to month. I want to live life with a purpose and have my life serve a bigger purpose. 
I know I can do that!
I am not one to go out on New Years Eve, mainly because my chances of staying awake are slim and I just like staying close to home. 

We had a fantastic Christmas here and we are Blessed more than we will ever realize. I miss my Momma and Sonny, so very much. But something about Christmas, makes me miss them a little more.
We still and will always put up Sonny's stocking as he will always be with us, and he did love Christmas. 
Years ago, our first Christmas together Sonny asked me, what I wanted for Christmas, and I cut out a Bose Wave Radio from the Sears catalog, and gave him the clipping.  When Christmas rolled around that year, Sonny gave me an antique metal Christmas box with the clipping of the radio and I keep that box safely in my stocking every year. The radio is in my kitchen. But that little metal box makes me cry every year.

I am loving the way our live tree smells in the living room. I just might keep one up all year long. 

We are really enjoying our Christmas break from school too.
 It is nice with no alarms, no schedules. 
Our household got a Blackstone for Christmas and I can see many a great meal being cooked on it. 
The transformation for shed to greenhouse is going well and should be complete soon, if we keep having these gorgeous day.
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Here are some links I have been loving-

Adjustable cell phone stand

I gifted all the kids these phone stands and we love them. 

Ella loves this bento lunchbox and carries it everyday. 
It comes with a cute bag and, plasticware stores in the lid. 

Now this was one of those impulse buys, it has not let me down yet.
I've used it on sweatshirts, furniture, pants or really any clothe that gets some pilling on it.

I feel kind of nostalgic with the New Year. I got a new planner and the fresh clean pages are open to possibilities and adventure. 
But, as I look back on 2021, it makes me kinda sad. 

Here are just a few amazing adventures and celebrations we had.
Ella got her license in February(I might have cried)
In April, we spent the week at the beach with our family, and it was so much fun. We really enjoyed the sunrise service on the beach.

We went tubing on the New River a bunch of times(my fav summer activity)
We celebrated the 4th of July in our tradition of parades, food and fireworks, family
Gary and I celebrated 2 years of dating on July 18th, love ya babe!

I took my first trip to WV mid July, but unfortunately, got very sick and couldn't enjoy the trip. 
Sadly, we missed the Dwight Yoakam concert in GA and we were to sick to care
School started back in August, we missed the first several days. But finally got it together and joined the fun.

In Sept. we participated in the Cooper River Bridge Run, and had a perfect weekend in Charleston, SC and can't wait to do it again.

Gary and I made another trip to WV for a Marshall football game, sightseeing and Camden Park. You can see more on my You Tube Channel. Please watch, like and subscribe to help my channel grow.

In Oct, We celebrated my bestie turning 50 years young. Love ya Missy!

Ella and I went to Raleigh for Harry Styles concert on October 12th and stayed a couple of days.

Then on Oct 28th we hit Atlanta for another Harry concert.
We were planning to go to Miami on Dec 30th for another Harry concert, but they cancelled.
During this year we celebrated lots of birthdays and had many blessings.

Our prayer is that you, and your family have a fantastic 2022 and may all the blessings come your way.

Cheers to 2022,


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