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November 16, 2021

Good Morning! It has been a minute since I've hosted a coffee and conversation so, here we go!
 It's mid November and a lot has been happening with me turning 53 and celebrating my bestie turning 50, we were just talking about how when we were in our 20's 50 seemed so old, but here we are just killing it. 

Our Friday nights have been filled football, food and friends, until our beloved Blue Devils got kicked out of the playoffs, can't wait to see them next season.

Oh, and I almost forgot, we participated in the Cooper River Bridge run and it didn't kill me, but almost. Can't wait to do it again next year.

Ella and I have been to Raleigh and Atlanta recently to see Harry Styles in concert, that has been a blast.

I don't think I told y'all about the trip Gary and I took to WV in late August and we stayed in this adorable camp site that overlooked the river.

While in WV we visited  Frostop. It was so yummy. 

Frostop in Huntington

School is going good for Ella, except a recent tragedy that I pray that Ella, her school and our community recovers from soon.

Austin left today for 2 weeks in NJ. When he comes home he will be 23 yrs old. Hard to believe my sweet baby is getting older.

We also celebrated Tessa turning one recently and let me tell you she is a cutie.

Other than the day to day stuff I think that is about it. 

I have started a little Christmas shopping. 
Have you started or are you finished?

I put my tree up in my office today and I love it so much. I've got 2 more trees until done.

But, I'll pump the breaks on them until after Thanksgiving. 

Coming up, we have a surprise trip planned over a weekend and I'm so excited. 

I think that about does it for now. 

Until next time,


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