Cooking the Tyson Pot Roast with Vegetables from Aldi

November 19, 2021

 We are all busy these days, and most of us wish we had a chef on staff at home, I know I do. Well, since that currently is not in my cards, the next closest thing is a crock pot. I love my crock pot. I think I love the fact of putting food in it before I leave for work, and coming home and the house smelling amazing. I cook for a living, so cooking after work is not my idea of a good time. It's easy to use and safe to leave all day. 
I have been trying some different foods at Aldi. The prices are way more affordable, and I have found some new favorites.
About a week ago, I was slowly cruising the aisles at my local Aldi and I found this Tyson slow cooker kit featuring pork roast with vegetables. The package says the weight is 2lb 12 oz.

Tyson Slow Cooker Kit from Aldi

It looked really tasty and I think it was about $8. The kit came 
 with a small pork roast, onions, potatoes, carrots, celery and a seasoning packet.

I put it in my crock pot in the morning and in about 8 hrs it was perfect. I did cut the onion and potatoes up into bite size pieces.
My house smelled amazing by dinner time.
Tyson Pork Roast Kit from Aldi

I added some "love" as I call it, aka seasoning because I wanted some  more garlic and onion powder. 

So, would I buy it again? Yes, definitely! Because it was affordable but, also delicious. It really isn't enough for many people but, I only fed two on this meal and it was plenty.

I don't think you could buy each of the items in the kit separately for $8, so that is why I think it is a good deal.

Do you shop at Aldi?
Share in the comments some of your favorite Aldi finds.


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