Ghost Town in the Sky- A place of many childhood memories.

February 22, 2021

Picture this, it's the mid 80's and school is out for the summer. I am a teenager and so are my brothers. Our family is off for our family summer trip. My parents would load up our Shasta camper and the family station wagon and drive to Ghost Town in the Sky. 

The ride from our home in Mooresville, NC seemed like it took forever, but recently when I visited Maggie Valley, 
it didn't seem like that long at all. 
Crazy how time felt different, then and now. 

Ghost Town was built in 1961 and had some booming times in the 70's and 80's. My family spent many summers in Maggie Valley and at Ghost Town in the Sky in Maggie Valley, NC and it was a great time to be a kid. 
You had two ways to reach the top of the mountain where all the fun was. You could either take the open air car or the chairlift. I loved the chairlift. At the top we each had our favorite rides and attractions. I remember once my Momma made the ride operator stop the swings, because I was screaming to stop because I was scared. But, I always wanted to ride again on our next visit. 
 I have memories of being in the salon and having my photo made at Old Tyme Photo, watching the shootout on Main Street and at the end of a long day riding back down the mountain. 
What memories does Ghost Town hold for you?
The chairlift area is closed now and nature is taking over
đŸ“¸Gary Nash

The Chairlift 
đŸ“¸Romantic Asheville

We tried to get to the top to see what it looks like today, it was all blocked with gates, security cameras and dogs. 
If anyone has a contact that would give me access, I would be grateful for the opportunity.

I can remember the open air car, and the chairlift going up the mountain side by side.
đŸ“¸Gary Nash

Parking lot view
đŸ“¸Gary Nash

Ghost Town Village was the new name after a reopening but, it never was successful and closed.
đŸ“¸Gary Nash

Stagecoaches still sit at the gates
đŸ“¸Gary Nash

Old Tyme Photos on Main Street.
 đŸ“¸Romantic Asheville

The Open Air Car
 đŸ“¸Gary Nash

Red Devil Cliffhanger
 đŸ“¸Romantic Asheville

Main Street of Ghost Town  
đŸ“¸Romantic Asheville

Silver Dollar Salon.Remember the dancers they had in here?
đŸ“¸Romantic Asheville

The old train hauled guest around the park
đŸ“¸Gary Nash

I am at the age now where places I went as a child are tough to see them close. With age must come some reverence for the past.

Enjoy your journey,

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