Biking the Virginia Creeper Trail-White Top to Damascus

February 18, 2021

Riding the VA Creeper Trail had been on my list, for a very long time. We finally, put a date on the calendar and took off. We took our own bikes and used a local shuttle service up to White Top. As Gary & I arrived in VA, we checked into the Damascus Old Mill Inn and let me just say, it was spectacular. The Inn is an old Mill that has been refurbished into the most charming rooms and suites. They had a bar and restaurant on site, and the most gorgeous views of the river from the back deck. 

Damascus Old Mill Inn

Damascus is considered a trail town and for good reason, because the Creeper Trail and the Appalachian Trail pass thru here. We did a little sight seeing around town and it is such a cute place.

We settled into our room for the night after dinner and drinks and prepared for our early morning adventure.
We had reservations to meet our shuttle around 7:30am and after breakfast, we rode our bikes just up the street to our shuttle service Creeper Trail Bike Company
We got registerd and handed off our bikes to the guys that loaded them on the trailer for the drive up the mountain. The scenery on the ride up to White Top, VA was breathtaking,  and it made me anticipate the views from the trail. 

It is now about 8:45 on a Saturday morning, as we reach our destination of White Top Station. 
Our shuttle drivers drop our bikes and leave us to the day. 

The ride starts at White Top Station in VA

We snapped a few pics and headed out on our adventure. The average time to ride this portion of the 17 miles of the Creeper Trail is 2.5 to 3 hours. Let me just say, it took us a lot longer. We stopped often for some rock climbing, waterfalls, trestles, pictures, bathroom breaks and just whenever we felt like it. We rode passed cornfields, streams, pumpkin patches and farms.

Gary is my camera guy(aka boyfriend, person, and adventure partner) and he took a bunch of pictures. Thanks Babe!

Lots of bridges to cross on the trail

Coming into Green Cove Station

We saw wildlife on the trail like dear, and a baby bear.

Farm land on the VCT

Gary & I took a break at Green Cover Station

An outfitter store located on the trail. Check them out Green Cove Collective

Just a happy girl and her bike on the VCT

Old Barns are just part of the landscape

Hello lovely! 

Train car in Taylors Valley

Train Trestles 

The VCT and the AT crossing paths

Breath and take in all the scenery

The sound of my bike crossing over this wood was so soothing

We stopped for lunch at around 11 miles into the 17 mile trip at the Creeper Trail Cafe and let me say, we were starving.
We packed snacks and drinks but, we needed food. 

Lunch at The Creeper Trail Cafe was just what we needed.

If you are thinking about riding the VCT here are some things to keep in mind-

Leave early in the day-We got on our shuttle around 8am. Because there is so much to see and places to stop along the way, you don't want it to be dark when you return to Damascus.

Pack snacks and water- Supplies are limited on the trail except for a few places here and there. 

Nature calls-Be prepared to pee in the woods, hey it happens. Bathrooms are few and far between. 

Dress in layers- in the morning it can be chilly, but by afternoon it can really warm up. Bring a backpack to hold a jacket and supplies

Cell service- You don't need it. If you have a flat tire or an accident there are plenty of nice people on the trail willing to help you.

Relax-Enjoy your time of the Virginia Creeper Trail and take it in.
Try to imagine what it must have been like for the Virginia Creeper coming up the hill that you are riding down. 

As our day came to a close, and our time on the VCT was over we were kinda sad, but look forward to doing the next section from Damascus to Abingdon, also 17 miles, real soon.

As we arrived back in Damascus approximately 9 hours later, we found a brewery, had a celebratory beer to our adventure, and made our way back to our hotel.

Gary and I have been visited many amazing places in our time together, but this was by far one of my favs..

Need more info on the Creeper Trail, go here.  

Happy Adventures!

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