Motivational Monday-20 Easy Questions to Find Your Learning Style!

July 8, 2019

Happy Monday! We are just days away from leaving for our cruise to the Bahamas and the nervous, happiness has kicked in for this Momma. I want to make sure I have everything and every detail has been covered. Then again I am trying to go with a "chill" attitude and just relax and roll with the flow kinda girl. 

Find your learning style

This got me thinking as to why I am such an extreme planner and it's because I hate the unknown. I like knowing where, when, how, I'm just that girl. I'm sure it can come off as a wet blanket, but I can plan a hell of a party or dinner because of my planning skills, trust me, I have thought of every detail. 

So, remember me telling you or maybe not, I am thinking about going back to school, like in to be the student. I am still in the research stage of this adventure but will keep you posted.

This is how I thought about this week's Motivational Monday topic- What kind of learner are you?
I know I am visual learner, but really that is all I know. I want to know my style so that I can learn better and use my time and money wiser as I pursue whatever education route I take.

Taking a test like this one HERE can really give you insight into yourself and help discover your learning style.

I took the test and here is the results(drum roll please)

So, go ahead and answer 20 questions and see the type of learner you are. Even if you are not planning on going back to school.
Let your kids take it also as they will learn more about themselves and how they retain information.

Happy Learning!

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