10 Tips to Help You Pack for a Cruise

July 10, 2019

As my family of 4(Myself, my 2 daughters and my son) prepare to pack and head off on vacation we are having to be pretty strict as far as packing goes. I am not really worried about my son, he's easy with just shorts and shirts. 

It's the girls that give me concern. Trying to explain that we are only gone for 6 days and you can only change clothes so many times is a concept my girls don't grasp(but I love them)

I am also a lite traveler, just give me some sundresses and I am a happy camper. My makeup routine pales in comparison to the girl's makeup they are planning on taking. 

So make sure everyone that you are traveling with is very aware that your cabin is small and to only pack the essentials.

Once you pass your bags off to at security you will not see them again for roughly 6 hours so plan the packing accordingly.

  1. Shockers that #1 on my list is Wine. Yes check with your cruise line and some allow you to bring on wine in limited quantities. I am excited that I am allowed to bring wine on board. Drinks are not cheap so what ever I can do to cut on cost, I am down for it.
  2. Pack your carry on bags wisely. Include a change of clothes just in case your luggage gets lost on the ship you will have something to wear. Put an outfit or two in another family members suitcase and vice versa in the case of misplaced luggage. In your carry on also pack medicine, charging cords, cameras, jewelry and travel documents and some cash for tipping. Or pre pay your tips as I did and they are covered.                              
  3. Save room for souvenirs when packing and include a foldable duffle bag to carry all your souvenirs home when your fun is over. This bag can also double as your beach bag during excursions.
  4. Know the dress code and think of the excursions and activities you will be doing on the cruise and at ports along the way.  This way you can pack just what you need and not overpack.
  5. Layout everything you are taking and have a plan for your trip. Depending on where you are going and be sure to check the weather, just in case.
  6. Sign up for the Ship Mate app available in the App store. This app keeps all your cruise info in one area on the app. This app has maps of the ship and other helpful information.
  7. If you don't have a hanging toiletry bag for organizing all your lotions and products you need to get one. The bathroom is small and you need to think ahead to maximize storage.
  8. Pack a few ziploc bags for putting your phone in while on the beach or at the pool. 
  9. Do you have a favorite coffee mug?(of course you do) Bring it on the ship with you so you can head to the coffee bar and fill up and relax with your favorite coffee mug.
  10. Don't forget sunscreen because you do not want to pay cruise ship prices, trust me. Also bring your own body wash, shampoo/conditioner, lotion. 
I have some of items plus these that I am packing like
nausea medicine, ear plugs and night mask(if I don't sleep remember I am no good), a selfie stick because I am a visual learner and like to take lots of pictures, yes the obvious clothes but, I just want to be prepared and lastly HAVE FUN!!

Do you have any packing tips to share?
Drop them in the comments.

Bon Voyage!

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