Painted River Rocks

January 9, 2016

Back in the summer we went to Todd, NC and spent the day tubing on the New River. Let me just say that tubing is one of my favorite things to do, in the dog days of the summer.

We use a shuttle company that takes us up the river and then, we float down to our starting point. Lazy, slow and the beauty of the mountains is so relaxing.

I like to gather rocks when we stop to play and splash in the water. I also have my float weighing heavy when I get back because of all the rocks.

Gather flat smooth ones and bring home, wash dry and create something fun. I did this "M" for my last name and the Todd one because that is where it came from. Have fun tubing and painting.

The only step not shown is spraying your rocks with a poly to protect them and make them shine.

Rock On People!

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