Making String Art

July 24, 2016

Good Morning! I have been away for a while, you know how life gets a little crazy sometimes. 

I think I just keep riding the crazy train, and never get off when it stops at the station. Toot Toot, the crazy train has left the station, for now.

 Ok, enough of my lost humor on ya'll, let's get to the fun stuff.

I have rediscovered string art and forgot how much pain and joy it can be at the same time.

I started with something rather small cause, I haven't made string art since high school.

You will need to find the right size board for the project you are making.
Color sting or yarn and believe me, the colors are endless.
Wire nails. I prefer the 3/4 X 17, but you can use any size you like
a small hammer and a dirty towel

You need to find a pattern online of the design you want to make.
 I just googled arrows to get the pattern I needed.
I started with something with straight simple lines, just to get the hang of it again.

Resize your pattern to the size of your board and cut out, just the design itself.

You can stain the board or paint it, either way is up to you. I like the stain look, but I have now started to use paint on my boards for a different look.


Lay cut pattern onto board in the design and direction you want the finished project

Nail the corners first, as that will hold the paper down and you can also establish some kind of nail pattern to keep them even.

Lay a towel down to muffle the hammer noise a little if you are doing inside.

After all the nails are in place, remove the paper pattern to begin stringing.

Sorry, I skipped the step of stringing the string, but you pick a color and tie a knot on the corner nail of the pattern, do not cut. Then just start wrapping the string around the nails over and over agin.

This is the finished product, and as you can see after I did the white string, I went over the edges with a blue string to add the outside lines.

Welcome back String Art we have missed you! If you are looking for inspiration just visit Pinterest, and search String art, wow at the talent out there.

Thanks for joining me!

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