Simple Hand Scrub with Gift Jar

December 12, 2015

Have you ever been in a restaurant bathroom and noticed that hand scrub they keep at the sink?

Well, I have and it feels so good on my hands especially in cold months. 

I decided to make some this year for gifts for my friends. 

I really do prefer a handmade gift over store bought, it just seems more personal.

Handmade Hand Scrub

Coconut Oil 

Epsom Salts

Essential Oils

Mix oil and salt together until all is mix well then add a few drops of essential oils.

It really is that simple to make. If you buy the coconut oil in the jar you will need to heat in the microwave for a short time to melt down.

Now on to the cute jars that hold the scrub.

This is the coconut oil melted

Remove lid from jar and hot glue a ribbon on one side

I also cut out a piece of cardboard to cover the glued ribbon on the underside of the lid.

 I just forgot to snap a pic.

Run over top of lid and glue to the opposite underside

I used letters of my girlfriends names for my jars

Done! Easy and fast gifts but still handmade and fun

Hope you are making this Christmas a handmade one too!

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