Visiting Old Salem in Winston Salem, NC

November 21, 2015

If you love history,historic buildings & homes, then Old Salem is the place for you to visit.

 I went there on a field trip and I enjoyed every minute. 

I took lots of pics so, please forgive me but, I hope you enjoy the trip thru my eyes.

Sorry the pictures are in no specific order.

Heritage Bridge from visitors center into Old Salem

Simple Christmas decor is used to decorate Old Salem and I like it this way.


Is this bedroom dreamy or what?

The simple decorations of magnolia leaves and fruit. I think this is going to be my theme this year.


Church Doors

Private residence

I love the curve roof and light

Desk in Salem Tavern

White picket fences and cute vines adorn the town

The clock repair shop.

Kitchen in Tavern

I could make this kitchen work for me

Main Street of Old Salem

Moravian Cookies

I brought home Ginger and Sugar in hopes of having some as dessert for Thanksgiving, I don't see that happening now. I ate most of the sugar cookies on the ride home. 

A private heirloom garden, I see a spring trip in the works to see this in full bloom

Another private home

If you live here you have to abide by the historic society rules, nothing modern on the front of your 

home and also be understanding with crazy people like me, and hundreds more stand outside your 

home and take pictures as we ooooh and ahhhh! 

Rosemary and lambs ear blooms along the brick sidewalks

Shultz Shoemaker shop

Organ in Single Brothers house

More white picket fences and stone in a yard

The fireplaces are massive 

This is the place to stop for the Moravian Cookies and other yummy baked goods.

Wood floors are in every house and building. Some in better shape than these but still stunning

If you want to stay one night or a few nights, stop by Zevely Inn Bed & Breakfast

How cool would it be to wake up here and take your morning coffee and stroll the streets on an early morning? I think it would be very cool.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and can get by Old Salem on your next adventure. 

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