Trailer to Camper in a 7 x 14 space. Check out all the before pics.

August 28, 2015

Hey Ya'll! Things are starting to calm down over here and I wanted to share a little sneak peak at my trailer conversion. Now if any of you remotely know me, you how much I love to camp, I mean I really love to camp. Recently I was gifted this trailer from my Dad, Thanks a bunch Dad, and I knew what I needed to do to make it the perfect camper.

Outside of trailer
This is the trailer from the outside, and it's not so pretty but we are taking baby steps on the outside only. This trailer was a camper before it was mine but, I am going to send it from drab to fab in a very short time.

Interior of 7 x 14 trailer camper conversion before

The walls had been covered with wallpaper and it came down as soon as the trailer came to a stop in my back yard. Ella had a great time tossing it in the air as it rained over here.

Interior of 7 x 14 trailer camper conversion before

This is another pic of the inside with the nose area a small window, a cargo door and a side door. Oh BTW, That flooring is out of there also. Imagine grey wood planks in the future.

Interior of 7 x 14 trailer camper conversion before

This small window with an A/C unit is plenty to keep this small 7 x 14 space cool and  a small space heater will keep warm.

The fold down bed will stay in this location but, will get all new hardware and update some boards for better support. This bed folds away and gives me plenty of room for bikes and a 4 wheeler.

Interior of 7 x 14 trailer camper conversion before

This is the front of the trailer and my vision for this area has kept me a wake at night recently. Things are not perfect in here or square and it's hard to get correct measurements. I think I got it figured out though, it all happened when I switched from a 24 inch cabinet to an 18 inch cabinet and it gives me plenty of room for a fridge and the bar sink and lots of counter top space.

Please come back for more as progress moves right along with my trailer camper conversion.

Things are going to get interesting as I add a kitchen,  build a couch, paint and install flooring.

Thanks for stopping by!

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