The Queen has left the building....just for a little while!

August 3, 2015

Just a heads up that I have not stopped my blogging journey, just having to take a short pause for my 
family cause. 

I have kinda sorta have been relocated to my parents house, while my Dad heals from heart surgery.

I called in back up in the form of brothers & sisters but, they are limited as to how long they can stay.

So, until my Dad is healed and back to his normal self, I will be dreaming of blogging.

Just a note that when I do get back I have some very cool stuff coming up here at The Castle like,

  • Remodeling a cargo trailer into a sleek camper perfect for Glamping! My Pinterest boards are exploding with ideas, see them here!

  • Back to school stuff and how pumped I am for High School football to start on the 21st. 

  • Some really good recipes I have been trying lately and why you should never leave the freezer door open.

Ok folks, so that's the low down on where I have been.

 I wish I could say I have been off to my tropical island or to my home in France but, since I don't 

own either of those, that would be wrong.

Smile and make the best of the days that you have with the people that you love,

 soon they will be gone. 

So, today say what you want to say to them. Tell them how much you love them!!

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