How to cope when you are parenting a parent.

July 19, 2015

Without going into much detail, my life recently has been pretty hectic.

Both of my parents are dealing with some very serious health issues. I am the main caregiver or I was, until I ask for help.

 For years now, I have handled having two houses.

I have cried myself to sleep sometimes, because, I wanted someone to try and understand what I

was going thru or offer a hand at the times when I felt like I just couldn't take no more.

  I have gone to all the appointments, kept track of meds, taken care of the home and so much more. 

This route is doing nothing,but making me crazy.

I recently decided that it is time to assign and delegate some help.

I started by doing some research, I love research, it feels so official. Right off the bat. I shed the idea 

that I had to be everywhere at one time, and it is all right, if I am not.

So, with the help of family and friends I take the next steps forward with a new attitude. 

I can't always be there and that's ok.

Caregiver Tips on How to take care of YOU!

  • Eat healthy snacks and meals. When you are busy caring for others it may seem easy to eat fast food than prepare healthy meals. But healthy meals will give you the needed energy to get you thru the day.
  • Sleep-Make sure to get enough sleep. Take a nap during the day if needed. I adore naps when I can grab one!
  • Make time for doing something that you enjoy, crafting, art, reading or taking a hike. Ask a family member to come over for an hour or two to allow you to take a break. 
  • Make sure that you the caregiver, get medical checkups as needed. Just because you are taking care of someone else's medical needs, is no reason to ignore your own.
  • Laugh, even if you have to watch You Tube videos for a few minutes.
  • Catch a movie or lunch with friends(Thanks to village of the World's Greatest Girlfriends, who always have my back)          
In other words, breathe in and relax and it will all be ok in the long run.

 It is easier to take care of yourself and ask for help than run yourself crazy. 

Sometimes, I allow my self a minute pity party then, back to living this awesome life that I have.

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