Grilled Kielbasa with Onions

April 12, 2015

I love the warmer weather! 

I enjoy being outside all day and soaking up as much fun as possible.  

With the warmer weather comes grilling season, Yes!!

My favorite, simple and go to quick meal is Grilled Kielbasa.

Grilled Kielbasa with onions

The little hand of my daughter Ella as she slices the Kielbasa

Grilled Kielbasa with onions

Toss the Kielbasa, a chopped onion, a dash of olive oil and some seasonings into a foil wrapper and 

close tightly, put it on the grill and in about 15 minutes the most delicious food will be waiting. 

I add Burgers, Hot Dogs or just a simple Baked Potato to the grill for a yummy dinner. 

Anything I can do that will keep me outside longer and not in the house behind a stove, I am up for!


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