Meeting the President of the United States-Part 1

April 16, 2015

I was honored and thrilled to find out that thru BlogHer, I would be allowed to attend the Town Hall 

meeting in Charlotte. This is just a glimpse with lots more to come and some really cool details of 

how things go when Mr. Obama is in Town.
People waiting in the rain for doors to open to see the President

 Lots of people waited in the rain for the doors to open. 

Lisa Stone of SheKnowMedia

Lisa Stone of SheKnowsMedia speaking

My ticket to see the President

The ticket that got me into the Town Hall Meeting. I only got the day before.

Selfie with the President

Look here Mr. President. 

I did have my official picture taken by White House photographer, but it will be mailed. 

What a beyond great day! More coming about it all in Part 2 so please stay tuned.

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