Floor Remodel at my Parents

April 9, 2015

My parents live in a house that was built in 1907 in the Mill Hill area of Mooresville. It's old, but it 

has been a great home for generations of children and grandchildren. 

The house holds memories for me that no money can by. 

But recently the floor started sagging in the right corner of the living room, I mean it was built in 

                         1907, I'm sagging and I'm not even that old.

                      So it needed to repaired and so the process began.

New Floor Boards

I went on vacation and my parents did also, while the actual floor was ripped up and the boards under 

the house were repaired, so I don't have pics of that. 

But this is the new boards after some really, 

really old ones were torn out.

Here is the new linoleum that my Mom picked out. It matches the other parts of her floors and I hope 

doesn't show cat hair as much as the old floor.

When the new floor went down this caused a chain reaction of new moulding, 

new paint and new furniture.

New Floor, trim and paint

I got to work prepping and painting this room and it looks amazing.

My Mom picked out the color and it is a slate gray color. 

it's done and my Mom & Dad are happy and the floor is level also.

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