10 Things About Me

April 4, 2015

1. I am in love with Instagram and could spend hours looking at galleries.
Here's the link to mine.

2. I hate snakes on so many levels.

3. I love to cook but don't really have the time or the energy to do it every night like I wished

4. I have the best girlfriends in the world and they have been with me thru a lot of stuff. 
Shout outs to Missy, Peggy, Windy I love ya'll!!

The World's Best Girlfriends

5. I love to make things, if I see it in a store I can come home and make it cheaper. If not I stalk it until it goes on clearance. Like this shirt that I got for cheap.

Blue Polka Dot Top From Forever 21

6. I am way to organized in some areas of my life and a bit of a hoarder in others. Take your pick.

7. Music makes my world go round, without it I would be lost.

8. I am a dish hoarder. I love cute little dishes and have way to many.

9. I will get in my car and just take a ride to wherever, no plan or no destination, music wide open and me singing. This clears my head sometimes. Other times I call those girlfriends I talked about back at #4

10. I love quotes! I can read a bunch that I keep on hand and just have myself a good time.
This is who I am! Love me or not I can't change any of this.

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