Road side find turned bench

October 3, 2013

As any Mom does, I drive all the time. I mean dropping of kids at school, activities, picking up kids, grocery store, Dr appts you are all doing the same thing. But, as I drive I am always on the lookout for roadside finds. I love to stop and check out what others may see as trash. Let me warn you, if you pass a good pile, stop the car and get your loot, cause it will not, let me repeat, will not be there later.

I think the person who throws out the stuff would rather someone get use out of it, instead of it going to the dump.

Here is the latest reason why I love road side finds, trash to treasure or whatever else you want to call it. Yes it is solid wood twin bed painted in the ugliest color I have ever seen.

I don't know about in your house but here, most times when I drive up with one of these I get the eye roll from the hubby. But then, as it always goes he helps me unload and put in the building and is always willing to give a hand to make it awesome.

Since I just found this guy, I have not gotten it completely to it's "Wow that is gorgeous", stage yet, just give me time. 

Things to do:
Rough up with sand paper and paint
Sew cushion and pillows 
Put in my foyer and admire and smile every time I walk by.

I am sure you have all seen these on Pinterest. Here are some I have gotten inspiration from.

I love the look of this on, simple but I think I would add pillows.

This color is really pretty.

I like this one with the skirt, cushions and pillows. 

So, I am still picking out colors which puts the hold on pillows and cushions, but it's a work in progress. Please stop back by and look for an updated post and see how pretty a road side find can really be.

Happy Driving Ya'll!!


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