Blowing Rock, NC

October 6, 2013

From where I live Blowing Rock, NC is only about 2 hrs. This is true if I don't take all the back roads going and coming. But, at any rate my daughter and I took off there this weekend. I needed a change of scenery and as always, Blowing Rock delivered just what this girl needed.

We started our day bright and early with breakfast at Bob's Grill in Downtown Mooresville. 

As we arrived in Blowing Rock, you can see the leaves are starting to change. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect. Blowing Rock is a small town and this time of the year it can get really crowded, but very well worth the trip.

We had lunch upstairs on the deck of Mellow Mushroom, I had the Mediterranean Pizza. It came with a dip, kinda like garlic & chives. Yummy!

After lunch we walked to the shops, along the cutest paths, lined with ivy and providing the most perfect amount of shade and privacy. They have a Main Street way you can take but, this is much more my speed. 

At one of the many shops I ran into this darling. I want a dress form just for decorating and how posh is this fur one? I looked like some creeper just standing there rubbing this thing, hey it felt good. 

I saw this sign and I will be making one very soon. I mean, its perfect for me. 

This tee was cute too, but a little much for my age but, hey if you can ROCK It, go right ahead.

We had to break at Kilwin's for Fudge, no trip to Blowing Rock is complete without stopping by for all the goodies they offer.

We walked down to Broyhill Lake, this sits just off Main Street and has a nice shady path going around the lake with benches and this gorgeous gazebo. A wedding was going to take place in the gazebo later in the afternoon. What a beautiful setting?

I don't know the Anderson's but, with this sign at the wedding they can't really go wrong. Wood signs like this are really a big deal this year. 

The Gazebo overlooks this fountain and gives off the nicest water sound.

Decorated in Fall decor, the wedding site is ready. Good Luck to the Anderson's, who ever they are.

So, after I stalked the wedding in the park, it was back to more sights and sounds of the Downtown area. Ferns and a water fountain, yes I love it!!

This little guy had to come home with me, as it is right up my alley with the sense of humor. 

And how cute are these wings on this pig? I mean, if Pigs could fly, life would be so different.

Sorry for the photos in mass but they were all too nice to throw out. Just sit back & enjoy them. It was the perfect day to get away for a while. 

As always, I took the long way home, I don't like taking the interstate, I can see more of beautiful NC on the side roads.

Happy Traveling Ya'll!!


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