I am off to see The Wizard-Well maybe next year!!

October 1, 2013

I am off to see the Wizard!

No, not the movie, I am off to even a more magical place then the expensive movie theater. I will very shortly be putting a big check on my bucket list. For a while now I have wanted to go to this place, and it was a rare chance and an off chance that I ever could, you know one of those "the stars just ain't aligning for you" kinda thing.

                                Here is a sneak peak, see if you can guess where I am going.

I was going to the Land of Oz in Beech Mt NC but, they only open once a year and tickets for this year are all sold out. So, stay tuned for my trip next year, I will get my tix way in advance.

                                                        See Ya'll soon!!


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