Old Frame, New Frame

October 19, 2013

For sometime now, I have had this dated, gold frame laying around my craft room.  I decided it was time to do something with it. I know you have seen those scatter frames at Hobby Lobby and places like that, they are beyond my budget in every way. I think this one came from a yard sale ages ago, when gold frames where in style in my house.

Pretty bad, right? I went to my ever expanding spray paint collection and fixed this baby right up. I love spray paint, if I could be BFF's with spray paint, I would be a happy woman. If you have your own, way past its prime frame, at your house. Just spray paint it!!

After a spray paint job I roughed it up to give it age. Wait it was old when is started but dated old, I wanted the new old look. Yea!! Then I took some twine and stapled to the back of the frame to hang my pics on. 

Sorry for the horrible pictures, I am asking for a new camera for Christmas or my birthday, I really don't care when I get it.

Then I feel in love with chicken wire, I mean I have always loved it, but hadn't worked with it in a while.  I made this frame and put  chicken wire on it, just once again stapled to the back.

Oh,  the clothes pins were from the dollar store, just paint them or put a design on and you have a one of a kind holder.

So head out to some yard sales, checkout the cheap or reduced section at stores for your frame.

Have a great day ya'll!!


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