Anthro Knock Off Letter

October 20, 2013

These letters are all over blogland, so I knew I had to give an "M" a try. Yes, Anthro has these in stores but, the price is so high I couldn't eat for the next week if I bought one. As a true DIY'er I ran home and started my own knock off.

Go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and get you one of those cardboard letters. I think they are like $3, then put Mod Podge all over it, then cover the letter in foil, after it dries cover your tops f the foil in more Mod Podge. It is easy and quick and really no one will ever know, that you didn't sell the farm to buy one of these cute letters.

After foil is applied

Mod Podge over foil

After Mod Podge is dry, paint. I used black and rubbed it off for more of a metal look.

What letter will you be picking up for this project? 

Have a blessed Sunday Ya'll!!


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