How to make a Pumpkin Burlap Door Hanger

October 16, 2013

I know that you have seen these all over Pinterest and craft fairs, but I knew I could make my own, so here goes. It was pretty simple to make.

Burlap Door Hangar Supplies-

You will need burlap about a yard or two depending on what design you plan on making. I made a pumpkin and it didn't take up much.

Paint, I just used what I had on hand. I used brown & orange

Paper for pattern

Glue gun & sticks

Plastic trash bags for stuffing

Small string for hanging

First off,you need to come up with a design, you can look on Pinterest and they have plenty of samples.Once you decide on the design you need to free hand this to paper. I have had this massive roll  of paper and really not sure where it came from, but I love it for projects like this. 

Once you have cut the pattern out you will need to trace it onto the burlap using chalk because he rubs off easy. NOTE-YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE TWO SIDES-ONE FOR FRONT AND ONE FOR BACK.

Now it is time to paint the burlap. I used a small roller and it went on really nice. You can paint the back side of you pumpkin if you want to. 

Then I painted the stem brown.

I laid my pieces together when they were dry and started hot gluing around the edge. BE SURE to leave an opening where the bags will be stuffed in. After stuffed you may close the small hole. 
I stenciled on mine and this really was a total after thought but, I like it.

Attach small string to the back for hanging and enjoy.

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

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