Train Case

September 24, 2013

I am not really a makeup wearing person, by any means. I do not wear makeup too work, also it is not going to stay on very long. But I love old things, things that say "hey, ain't I beautiful, take me home with you".  I knew from the moment I saw it, I had to have it. It is bulky, smells old inside, and these are my fav things about it.

Here it is just like I got it. I know the urge to paint something runs thru my veins everyday. I haven't painted it yet. I am not planning on painting it either.

I wonder where it traveled and what they put in it? For a non-makeup wearer, I put all my body wash and stuff like that and it fits perfect. But then again, If I am traveling I will wear makeup. Unless camping!

The inside was a little stuffy smelling but, I wiped down and put dryer sheets in there for a day or so.

The locks on the front make the coolest sound when closed and locked.  I know, I am weird.

TaDa!! As any good crafter knows I couldn't leave it plain looking. So, I had a friend give me these stickers a few years and they look stunning. 

If I could pack my train case and go anywhere, it would be Paris. How fitting that it now has Paris hotel labels on it? I just Mod Podge them on and attached a little tag with my initials. 

I am one step closer to Paris and when it is time to go, I will go in style.

Happy Paris Planning Ya'll!!

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