How to make a wreath with felt.

October 8, 2013

With all the buzz about wreaths right now, I thought I would share with you a wreath I made out of felt. I used white but, with all the color choices, your options are endless. This project was addictive for me, cause once I started I couldn't stop.

Here's what you will need to make your wreath-

Felt, I think I got 2 yards but, had extra left over. It really depends on how big your wreath is. 

Foam wreath, any size you want. Just remember the bigger the wreath the more you have to cut & pin.

Straight pins, and I mean a bunch of them. 

After you gather all your supplies together, lay out the felt and find something to trace the circle from. I think I used the bottom of a paint bottle. 

After tracing you cut and cut and cut until you have all your circles cut out. Once again, how many you cut depends on how big your wreath is. I used scalloped scissors for my cut because I liked the ruffle look when folded but, you can use regular scissors and it works just the same.

Fold the felt circle in half.

Fold the felt circle in half but long was.

Then take the tip of the fold and pin it into the wreath. I went in rows and really packed them in there. You can or can't do the back, it still depends where it is going to hang. I did the whole thing all over. This is long and tiring but just hold on, the end result will be amazing.

And Voila, isn't it lovely. I attached a little piece of ribbon to the back of mine. I also think burlap would look nice tied up around the top too. 

Happy wreath making Ya'll!


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