From dress to scarf

October 10, 2013

I wanted to give a try to upcycling an old dress into a scarf. It turned out really cute and was easy to make.

First, find an old dress that you no longer can wear. This dress was a short summer dress and it somehow got a hole right in the seat area. So I knew it would be perfect to cut up without feeling all guilty about. Lay it out and cut strips, I cut cross ways on mine.

Then I took each strip and made little circles out of them. I laid them out to see how long my scarf would be before tying together.

Then I cut small strip of fabric from the dress and tied each circle together.

I like mine to look ragged and totally unplanned.

My scarf is long enough to be wrapped twice or you can leave it long. Whatever strikes your fancy.

Hope you enjoy this upcycled scarf.


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