Fall Decor

October 21, 2013

I wanted to share with you, my Fall decor and the drink cart it is based on. Recently, I was down in my Dads building, you know where he keeps everything that Dads need, lawn mowers, tools, saws, old things that I have no idea what they are. But on this day, I was looking for a piece of wood, he told me to look in the back of the building and he had a piece.

As I lifted the wood though I saw this baby, a rolling cart. It was dirty and had like 10 pieces of wood on it. When I saw the cart, I forgot about the wood I need, my only thought was to get the cart out of the shed. Here it is now in our kitchen. I decided not to paint it, I learned it was my Grandmas and I loved the character of the scratches and dings.

Decorating is the fun part with everything, I think. So here's a rundown of what got the honor of being placed on my beautiful cart.

Lets start with this lamp that I found at Dollar General for $10, love it. 

Next,is my silver Dollar store tray that I gave a coat of chalkboard paint. 

The green scale I have had forever, it was bought at a yard sale years ago for cheap. The little green topiary tree was from a friends wedding as a party favor. And the ceramic pumpkin was from my Mother In Law.

On top of the scale is the cutest spider basket that came from the Dollar store.

In the basket are plastic fruits from once again, the Dollar Store and I threw my little box of Lilly cookies in just for fun. These are not to be eaten or else!!

These bowls were my Grandma's also and they mean the world to me. I use them all the time, and think of her and miss her so much.

The basket I also bought at a yard sale for a buck, when the seller told me a buck I was like, OK!!
They hold some of my cookbooks, I have a ton of them.

And that concludes the tour of my Drink Cart/Fall Cart. Hope you enjoyed!! 

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

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