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September 21, 2013

I love how I come up with a plan in my mind and then I share that with my hubby and his friend Chucky, and project appears. Now I am a very talented girl but, I couldn't make these bad boys but,I could add some nice finishing touches. These were nice the way they finished but need something else.

Here is an after picture of the shelves. With the pattern painted on the backside.

This is what they looked like before painting and stencils. NOTE-Do Not Apply the back board to the book case until after you have stenciled it and it is really dry.

Find a stencil or pattern that you love and trace it, and trace and trace and trace it. By the time you get done, I hope that the pattern you starting out loving, you don't hate, because you traced so much.

After you trace & trace, then you paint & paint. Over every pencil line, TWICE. Unless your paint is dark enough to cover the first time.

After you get done if you haven't pulled your hair out, this is the final product. Are these so beautiful, or what??
 Oh,the crown moulding at the top was my last minute addition and I thought it may kill us all. Looks awesome though, no matter how much trouble it was.

I plan on putting little lights in the tops to shine down at night, but haven't gotten there yet!! 

If you Google free stencils patterns, you will get hundreds of results, Just print your favs onto card stock paper and get started.

Special Thanks to Chucky & Sonny for making my dream, a reality.

Happy Tracing Ya'll!!

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