Summer 2013(So far)

July 8, 2013

This summer is flying by like a crazy. The kids and I took off to visit Grammy in NJ right after school ended. We left on June 10th and came home around the 19th of June. Hubby was already gone on his next road trip to New Hampshire and from there to Ohio. We gave up our Ohio trip this year to got NJ, and I am glad we did. Grammy is not doing well and we really enjoyed spending time with her.

While we were in NJ Ella and I went to NY City and acted like tourist for a day. We saw the Empire State Building and Times Square. Not really sure how all those people live together on all that concrete, but hey I like to visit but, I love too leave. 

So now back home and just really hanging out and doing nothing. It has rained every day since we got back home and everything is soaked to the brim. Daddy comes home today after being gone for a month, so we are happy to see him for sure. 

Coming up is the Western Swing, its where the team of NHRA Head out and don't come back until the end of August. It pretty much sucks for the family at home but it pays the bills. We love the off season for sure. I will post pics soon of our travels.

Have a great day Ya'll!!

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