House of Autry Hushpuppies

July 27, 2013

So I love to cook, but for some reason I have never made hushpuppies. Well until today. I bought me a package of the House of Autry Hushpuppy mix and they were yummy.

I went to work and followed the directions and within minutes I had the most amazing(better than a restaurant) if  I may say so myself Hushpuppies. 

I used my cast iron skillet to get my oil to just the right temp. which is very hot, so please be careful. I experimented with a spoon and work out the size just right.

Mix the batter in a bowl following directions on the box.

Drop spoons of batter into hot oil. This is a little trial & error, two much batter and your puppy will not get cooked thru and to little and you have baby puppies. I did about a half a spoonful.

I think you know what to do from here. Dig in and enjoy!!

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