Bob Segar

April 25, 2013

So tonight I am going to see Bob Seger and I am reallllly excited about this!! I love me some Seger.
Songs like, Night Moves, Main street and Till it Shines is music that takes me way back to my younger days. I mean not that I am old, but it does take me back. I am also just looking forward to a night out. I sure hope I stay awake for it, bedtime for me is 9pm normally.

So here is some music from Seger to enjoy until tonight.

Bob Seger mix of some of his greatest songs.

Update: The Bob Seger show was great. He played a few new songs for his album coming in Aug 2013 but all the other songs were old rock n roll. I danced, I laughed, I cried as an older grey haired Seger took the stage and gave fans a concert maybe even better than when he was much younger. Thanks for a great night and all the music that has filled my life.

Enjoy Ya'll!!


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