Opening a booth

April 16, 2013

For many years all I dream of is opening a space and outlet for all the stuff I make, redo and upcycle. Well as of yesterday I put my money down and placed my bet on a tiny corner of an antique store in Mooresville. The location I chose was built in the late 1800's and it is so pretty, you know wood floors, uneven walls and the smell of 200 year old air. I know my picture of it ain't pretty but it really is a nice place.

I think over the next months I will be very happy there and hope to move into a bigger space but the for now lets take the first step. I have so much to do and really not sure where to start. I have found some great things recently totally by accident and hope after the transformation they are even nicer.

So if you are ever in Mooresville, NC and want to check out my booth then please stop by. I am upstairs in the Carriage Ride building. My booth is "Not So Shabby"

Hope to see you soon!!

Not So Shabby is located upstairs in the Carriage Ride Building

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