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April 23, 2013

So over this past weekend I sampled hummus. I had always turned away from it like it was going to attack me or something, but not this day. It was really good and the pita chips I had it with were perfect. But the weekend ended and I had no idea what type of hummus I had tried.

I head to my Whole Foods store in Davidson and they really gave me the 411, the lowdown on hummus. The one I decided would be perfect, for several reasons is "Roots". This is yummy and it is made right up the street in Asheville, NC. I enjoyed the fact of knowing it is a local company and man is it yummy. They have several different flavors but I went with spinach and it was the perfect choice for me. Check out the website for all the flavors they offer. Enjoy.



So check them out in the next time your in the grocery store.
Happy eating Ya'll!!

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