My yearly haircut!!

March 2, 2013

I have long hair and it is thick also. But I recently have taken a job with our school system and I want, I need to get my hair cut a little or possibly a lot. Currently, my hair is 1/2 past shoulder length, wherever that is. As I have been looking for a style this is what I have come up with

I love this look but since I have gotten a little older it just doesn't work for me. I think when i am an old women I will have this cut and wear it with my pink high top Chucks. Yea!!

This one is cute also but not sure if I could get it in a pony tail. Sometimes thru the day I get tired of feeling it on me so I have to out it up.

OHHH!! the layers are gorgeous and I could have several options on ways to wear. I think this is the winner!

This would work but not really cut of any of my hair it would just add layers. I think I am in need of a whole knew look.

So I will take before and afters and post when I get done. I may shock the shit out of everyone and come home with a mohawk painted pink. 

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