I am back!!

August 12, 2012

Long time no posting. I have not been giving my blog the attention it deserves, mainly because my computer was not working correctly. But it's fine now. All I need is to have my 13yr old work on it, he knows way more than I do for sure. It's a chilly Sunday here at our home in Concord so that is nice. At the moment my family is still sleeping and should awake soon. We are planning on taking dinner to my moms house today as every Sunday. My mom has had some falls lately and is not up for getting out. I am just happy that my hubby and son made it home from the Western Swing and have been home for a few days. Austin finished 4th Friday night at the go kart races and as any mom would do, I cried. I don't know if I cried because I was so proud or I cried because I was afraid he would get hurt. Well Ya'll have a great Sunday and Thank God  for the blessings you have, while you have them.

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