DNC 2012 Charlotte, NC

September 1, 2012

Good Morning! From our home here in Concord, NC just about 30 miles from Charlotte, NC we watch as our beautiful city is transformed for the DNC Convention that hits town early next week. I am the type of mother who really likes to show the kids history in the making, even though they act totally not interested. I feel if I take them to these kind of events that someday they will remember and it will make a difference. We love history in this house, my son and I have been to Washington,DC and loved it, take the trip if you ever get the chance. So our wonderful downtown Charlotte has been shut down to car traffic so our adventure with be of taking the CATS(Charlotte Area Transit) bus into the city on Monday.

We are going for the Carolina Fest 2012 featuring some really great acts but I am only wanting to hear James Taylor I bet seeing him will be out of the question. We are also going to visit the Presidential Experience, an exhibit that has a replica of Air Force One and the Oval office. Pictures to follow if I am allowed to take them. All in all we are looking forward to a fantastic day, a bus ride will be all new to us and getting to go thru security checkpoints before entering our city. Wish us luck!!

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