10 Ways to Welcome Spring to the Porch!

March 27, 2021

 Here in the South, we love sitting on the porch, either front or back, we don't care!
Years ago, when we built our house, we had a very large back porch added, and we have loved having this extra space from summer to fall. 
Our porch is covered with tin, and the sound of a soft rain, is so soothing. We recently purchased new furniture for the porch and really love it. We have a TV with Roku, and that makes for some good movie nights on the porch.
No matter if you have a patio or a large porch, you can make it a nice place to relax.

1. You will need to wash everything, the windows around the porch, the furniture, everything. 
It is amazing where dirt can hid.

2. Add paint or stain, to give the area a fresh look. 

3. Add some potted plants, that will do well in the area. Rosemary is perfect for a porch because, it smells amazing and, you can pick for cooking too.

4. Put down an outdoor rug to make the area feel grounded and cozy.

5. Create a special area, maybe a small bistro table and chairs or a separate area away from the main part of the porch. Or, just a small chair with a cushion, where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

Solid Wood Bistro Set

6. Hang curtains. Yeah, I know curtains outside. Trust me, you will love it. Curtains are really a game changer, and to see them swaying in the summer breeze is one of the best reasons to put them outside.

7. Add pillows that will fit your color scheme. You can find cute and  affordable ones at Wal Mart in the outdoor section. Make sure you don't get ones with feathers, you want only outdoor ones.

Outdoor Woven Stripe Pillow

8. Add lighting to the area, I like torch lamps on our lower patio but, string lights on the porch area.

Cafe lights

9. Add a bluetooth speaker to the porch to play your favorite tunes. We have really enjoyed these speakers for years.

JBL Flip 4

10. Add a water feature or small fountain to your area. The trickle of the water will relax you, and create a calmness.
 This is my favorite fountain because of the color, and it lights up.

Cobalt Blue Fountain

The most important thing you need to know about updating your area is, Have Fun, Make it Yours.

Make it a place to relax and have a glass of summertime lemonade, and just soak up all the summer.

Cheers Ya'll!

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