The Charm of Charleston, SC

July 24, 2019

Hey, Y'all! We are home from our Bahama  Cruise and I promise I am going to be writing all about how wonderful it was very soon, but first I want to take you on a tour thru the streets of Charleston, SC.

Now I am sure you all know how beautiful Charleston is with its cobblestone streets, southern charm and beautiful homes, but really who wouldn't like to see them again(I know I never get tired of it)

We live in a perfect part of NC because we are only a few hours to the mountains or the beaches of both NC & SC. We left out of the Charleston Port for our cruise but we went down a day early just so I could enjoy all the charm of this amazing city.

Courtyards of Charleston

Is it just me or is everyone else just in love with all the gate courtyards at the homes in Charleston?
I just want to become friends with whoever lives here.

Brick Sidewalk

This is a sidewalk/Driveway at a home. 
The gate was open and it took all my energy not to stroll down here.

Cobblestone Streets of Charleston, SC

Just like something from a storybook. Minus the cars.

Gated Courtyard in Charleston, SC

Elegant and charming without really even trying

Gated Courtyard in Charleston, SC

My favorite! Who am I kidding all the pathways, courtyards and little alleys in Charleston are my favorite.

Dana on Rainbow Row

Like a unicorn, this is a rare photo of me(Dana) taken by my daughters on Rain Bow Row.

Feet in the fountain

It was hot, hot on the day we visited and I just cooled my feet off in the stunning Pineapple Fountain
Sorry, I am still a county girl and barefeet and water are for me.

Small apartment in Charleston SC

This is a small apartment attached to a home.

I could live here. Check out the gaslight above the door. Love it!

Pineapple Fountain in Charleston SC

And this is the Pineapple Fountain. 
Kids were playing in it, a few pics ago I had my feet in it, models were doing photo shoots at it.
It is very beautiful and sits right on the Riverfront

The Charming Rainbow Row

Riverfront Park Charleston, SC

Riverfront Park

Trying on hats in The Market

Wow! Two pics of me in one post(shockers) I am trying on hats in the Market area
Like I said it was very hot this day

US Customs House

US Customs House

Charming Window Boxes

Window boxes really add charm and character to a home no matter it is located

Charming Window Boxes

I really want to go back to Charleston in the Fall when it is a little cooler and see how mother nature graces Charleston with her presence.

Now, if anyone reading this has a home in Charleston and wants to be my new BFF, I am good with that. Kidding-Not!

I am blessed to live where I live and blessed to able to enjoy other places but I think Charleston tugs at my heartstrings every chance it gets.

Head on down and check it out and discover your own version of Charleston.

Make sure to read my post about the Top 5 restaurants in Charleston HERE

Enjoy the Journey!

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