Motivational Monday-My favorite Quotes!

July 29, 2019

Happy Monday Y'all!! I officially go back to work today and it's going to be a tough week. Kids come back to school on August 6th as we are in our first short summer of the new calendar. 

Going to work/school is fun, but to help me through it I love me some quotes. I have letter boards around my house and quote magnets on my locker at work and change them around often.

I like the quotes to be short and to the point and I like for them to speak to me directly.
Sometimes quotes make me reflect on my life and I cry or laugh.

I just like them. 

So, I put together some of my favorites and I hope you enjoy.

Don't Obey All the Rules

I am currently in a state of repair

I mean come on, it's a Burt qoute. 

Not just the NASCAR world changed when Dale Earnhardt died but, the whole world cried. True words from a wise man.

Lately, I get this quote more than ever. 
But here I still am just killin it.

Now, this is me. 

It's the songs

 in my head that makes me blurt out lyrics and it is always a good time. 

Music is one of life's greatest gifts.

I asked myself this question for a long time and then I day I jumped and I flew. Self-talk had me in a place of doubt and I knew I deserved better. So, this is one of my favorites.

This is a good one too. 

Loving yourself is a road we should all be on.

Take yourself out, get a massage, read a book it is all ok to be totally in love with yourself.


Take that first step!

I am blessed to say I do what I love every day.

So, find your favorite quote and put it on your bathroom mirror or in your car or on your coffee mug any place where you will see it.

Stay Positive,

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