Motivational Monday-Creating a Nighttime Routine for Better Sleep!

July 1, 2019

Welcome back!! Here in these parts of the south, it is HOT but we are loving summer and enjoying every minute of it to the max. We go back to school on July 28. The kids are I are leaving on a cruise soon and very excited about seeing the blue waters of the Bahamas and relaxing on the white sandy beaches.(ahhhhh)

 Well, let's jump into this Motivational Monday and hit a topic that I know a lot of you can relate too...Not sleeping well. Trust me, I have the same issue. 

The perfect nighttime routine

My sleep issue is that my brain will not shut down, it covers a list of things to do, appointments that are coming up, why is the grass green? How many unicorns are in the yard my right now. You get the picture from one end of the spectrum to the crazy things that run through my head(you know you have a crazy side too)

I'll just say this if I don't sleep, I am not a good person to be around(trust me on this)

I am trying to educate myself on many things these days and learning why I was not sleeping was a priority.

I read several different articles but this one here really stuck with me and it carries advice that is easy to follow. 

I follow a similar night routine and here are some of the go-to things that help me get a good nights rest.

This pillow mist is the best. I love Lavender and I use it everywhere all over my house. I carry it will me if I travel and it is perfect. Relaxes my mind with smells of Lavender on my pillows and sheets.

The perfect nighttime routine

This robe has nothing to do with sleep but it helps relax me and it so cozy. I like to sit in my bed and write in my gratitude journal and wear my robe. It has cute fringe on the bottom as well. Pick yours up at World Market.
The perfect nighttime routine

I started taking these about a year ago and they work better than anything I have tried. They do not leave me feeling hungover and tired like some other sleep aids did. Notice a lavender trend, yes these have lavender in them. 

The perfect nighttime routine

 Laugh if you want to, but my night mask goes on as soon as my head hits the pillow. It blocks out light from all angles and helps my body and mind get to sleep mode faster. I think I am growing into a new person because a few years ago I would have rolled my eyes when I saw this in the store now I'm like yes! I love my mask. Give one a try for yourself, I promise you will love it too!

The perfect nighttime routine

I make my bed every morning and feel grateful when I go to bed a night knowing that today I did the best that I could do. That helps me sleep better than anything. 

I hope this has helped you get a better nights rest and be more present in the day.

What are you trying to help you get a better night rest? 

Sweet Dreams!

*Just a side note* 
I am not a Dr in any way. This is what works for me. You do you. 
The tips shared in this article are my words and thoughts.

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